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Meet and Greet

Before we begin any services we do require an initial meet and greet. We come to your home to meet you and your pet family. The meet and greet usually lasts 30 minutes, this will give your pets a chance to get to know us so they are more comfy when we come to petsit. We will discuss specific services that are best suited for you and your pet. We will get detailed information from you about your pets needs, routines, medical issues and lots more. Together we will create a specific plan of action designed just for you and your pets.  We will complete the Client-Pet Sitter Contract together.  Please feel free to discuss anything with us about your pet. Please have a key available for us at the meet and greet.

Payment is due at start of services. 
Payment is accepted in the form of: Cash, Check or Money Order
Please click the Rates link for detailed rate and payment information.

Keeping your pet on their same routine while you are away is a huge part of keeping them happy and relaxed, we create a detailed plan of action specifically made for you and your pets needs.
Do you ever feel guilty for boarding your pet? Now you don't have to! Pets are a huge part of our family and, just like a child, a pet needs a sitter when you can't be there.

Pet sitting is a great alternative to boarding. It reduces stress. Pets are safe, comfortable and happy in their own home. No travel anxiety, No feeling lonely or scared. Pet sitting also gives you peace of mind that your home is being looked after.

We go the extra mile,  We do not just walk your dog or clean your cat box.  We spend quality time with your pet and treat them as if they were our own. No job is too big or too small. You can be as specific as you want when it comes to care for your pet family. You are welcome to check in on your pet as often as you like while you are away.  
You can count on us to be reliable, trustworthy and honest. 

Pet Sitting services include the following. Not all these services apply to regular weekly visits.

  • Lots of exercise                              
  • Quality time                 
  • Fetch/Favorite type of play
  • Long walks
  • Lots of lovin/Belly rubs
  • Brush fur/Teeth
  • Administer meds if needed
  • Poop scoop service
  • Fresh food/Water
  • Yummy treats
  • Special needs
  • Handfeeding
  • Clean Cat box/Cages

Each Petsitting visit is 30 minutes. Extended visits are also available. 
Whether you need 1 or 100 visits, we make it work for you.
  • Occasional visits
  • Ongoing, longterm visits
  • Bundle visits (3 per day)
  • Weekly mid day visits

  • House Sitting/Home Security
  • Check mail daily
  • Bring in newspapers/Packages
  • Water Plants inside/Outside
  • Take trash/recycling to the road on pickup days
  • Feed/Water outdoor wildlife
  • Turn lights on/off
  • Open/Close blinds

Dog Walking (or potty break)
It's Potty time!!!
Long day at work? Rather spend your lunch break eating lunch instead of rushing home to walk your dog? Disabled and need someone trustworthy to walk your dog while you're home? Whatever the reason, we are here to help! We can take your doggy to a dog park of your choosing too! Or we can simply let your pups out to potty in the backyard and play fetch or stick with belly rubs! The pupobilities are endless!

We offer dog walking (or potty break)  to fit your needs and schedule. Last minute, unexpected circumstances arise all the time in life, its a great idea to have a dog walker/pet sitter on call when those times come. 
Ongoing visits or an occasional visit, we offer it all to suit your needs! 30 minutes not long enough? No problem! We have extended visits too! Please check our Rates page for more details. 

Dog walking includes but not limited to:
  • 30 minute walks anywhere they want to go
  • Or 30 minute Potty Break/Playtime
  • Fresh Food/Water
  • Treats
  • Brush fur/teeth
  • Playtime
  • Pick up poop left during walk
  • Lots of lovin

For your pets safety during our walks we carry with us
  • Water bottle for pets
  • Spray mister to avoid overheating
  • Minor first aid kit
  • Spray deterrent, in case we are approached by
           an aggressive animal or person
  • Poop pick up bags
  • Phone, in case of emergency
  • Treats if requested

Pet Taxi/Pet Errands
Instead of skipping work to take your pet to their vet appointment or to get a puppy cut, let us do it! We can take your pet anywhere they need to go and pick them up! 

Can't drive? No problem, We come to you! Need to pick up some  food for your dog or flea meds for your cat? We do that too! 

Have you ever left home and thought you left your oven on? Call us! We can go check for you. We can be your spare key!

Pet Taxi/Errands include but not limited to
  • Trips to the dog park 
  • Vet appointments
  • Grooming appointments
  • Pick pets up and drop off
  • Doggy daycare drop off and pick up
  • Pet store/Vet to pick up food/meds
House Sitting
Ever worry about the safety of your home while you are away? Plants need watered? What about the mail? Well we are here to ease your mind. 
Can't wait for hours on the A.C. or cable guy to come? We're on it! We can do the waiting for you!

A big part of Petsitting your pet is also keeping an eye on your home. Inside and out we check for any problems or concerns.  We bring in your mail/packages. We also water your plants, feed your wildlife and take your trash/recycling cans out on trash day. (These services are not included in regular ongoing weekly visits.)

House Sitting includes but is not limited to

  • Check mail daily
  • Bring in newspapers/Packages
  • Water Plants inside/Outside
  • Take trash/recycling to the road on pickup days
  • Feed/Water outdoor wildlife
  • Turn lights on/off
  • Open/Close blinds
  • Empty Pool basket
  • Add/Remove water from pool
  • Wait on Service workers
Special Needs/Services
Do you have a picky pet? One that needs to be handfed homemade gourmet steak while being fanned by feathers? No problem! 

New puppy not yet potty trained? Injured cat healing from surgery? Does your pet need meds every two hours? We can help! Whatever your pets special needs may be, we are at their beck and call.  
We can wait for the cable guy so you don't have to also! (Hourly rates will apply)

Special Needs include but not limited to
  • Hand Feeding
  • Puppies in training
  • Cat Walking
  • Physical therapy assistance
  • Limited medical needs
  • Wait for service workers
  • Home drop by (turn off stove etc)
  • Spare key holder (If you get locked out, call us!!)
Pet Sitting
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Potty time!!!!!  We specialize in weekly mid day visits for your pups potty break while you're at work!